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It makes sense that a electric scooter company would care about the environment. We make a product that provides a solution to many of the world’s most complex problems— congestion, public health, climate change. But for a long time, electric scooters have proven that riding them makes cities healthier and more liveable in terms of carbon emissions. Even products that benefit people and the planet leave behind a footprint. And it’s a footprint we need to address.

Transportation is the world’s largest source of climate disrupting greenhouse gas emissions, contributing approximately 25% of global CO2. To address climate change, and make cities healthier and more livable, we need to revolutionize urban transportation toward , electric, and carbon free future. Electric micromobility can be among the most sustainable modes in the world, with the potential to replace all car trips under 5 miles. That’s our goal.

Looking back ten years later, we hope to be proud of the progress made in improving the world's environment.

5. Reduce reliance on air freight

Whether by air, road, or sea transporting product is our largest operational carbon expenditure. Air freight has 84 times the footprint of transport by ocean. We are improving processes in tandem with our entire supply chain to reduce our air freight mileage by 75% by 2024.

4. Consolidate shipments to retailers

To address ground shipping emissions, our continental European retailers have adopted a bulk shipping strategy that greatly reduces the miles required to get products from distribution to stores. We are currently developing an integrated global transport strategy to 2024.

3. Increase use of alternative materials

We’re committed to designing for circularity and using recycled, recyclable, reclaimed, or refurbished materials whenever and wherever possible. Today, our products contain reclaimed or recycled materials, and this is just the beginning.

2. Remove plastic waste

In 2020, our most popular bike model—Marlin—began shipping in new packaging that cut non-recyclable pieces in half. We have expanded that process widely across our bike and accessory packaging removing 433,600 lbs of plastic in a single year.

1. Increase cycling mode share

Electric scooter are real agents of change, and the greatest influence we can have is the simplest: get people to ride. We’re supporting causes that lobby for electric scooter , provide economic incentives to cities and individuals to choose sustainable transportation, and develop more economical, practical and environmentally friendly electric micro-mobility for the public.

It takes all of us to make the changes the world needs.

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